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Your home to the best Gags, Pranks, and Novelties ALL AT WHOLESALE!


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Your one stop shop for all your WHOLESALE novelty and gag items!
We operate real simple. The more you buy, the lower the price! NO MINIMUM order!

Today's Specials - Just some of the HUNDREDS of items we carry!

(*) in price column means Quantity Discounts Available!
Click on item name to see full details and picture if available.

  Item # Description Price Unit
W98H3 " The Willy Warmer Weiner Weener " Knitted Sock - adult gag
Large or Small or in between, nothing beats a Warmer Weiner!! One Size fits most men! It's a heater for your peter! You'll never be freezing your balls off again when you wear this!
* 8.95 each
Bu7262 "Text Buzz" - Jumbo Silly Bands bracelets ( CLEARANCE )
These are the Jumbo 1 inch wide Text silly bandz bracelets. Many sayings just as the kinds text on there cell phones and computers all day. Now they can wear what they write! HOT trendy selling novelty bracelet at a true wholesale price.
1.00 per dozen (clearance)
9990 $100 Money bill playing deck of cards - Very Cool ~
WoW ~ A $100.00 deck of cards!~ Great for gambling & playing Texas Hold Em and other poker games. Makes a great gift.
* 1.50 each deck of cards
00000000 ****** CLICK HERE ****** - To learn how to DROP SHIP with us !
* 0.00 FREE
POK71 100 Plastic Poker Chips - Red White Blue
Case of 100 plastic poker card casino playing chips. You get a mix of 50 white, 25 blue, and 25 red per case of 100.
* 3.95 each case of 100
hu98612 10pk Humiliating Prank Notice Signs - Large neon colors
Printed on very bright, neon colored paper, these 9 inches by 6 inches big stickers will certainly get everyone's attention! 10 come in each pack! This is one of the best prank gag joke items we sell!
* 8.95 each 10pk
pi4433 12 TOTE BAGS pink ribbon breast cancer awareness
Great canvas tote hand bags. Wholesale by the dozen. Great for fund raiser events
* 11.95 per dozen
BE6281 12' Foot (144") Inflatable Mega Giant Beach Ball - HUGE
Want to be cool at the beach or next pool party? Then you need this mother of all beach balls! This giant behemoth beach ball measures 12 feet when deflated. Blow it up with a air compressor and it measures a full 10 FEET TALL ( 120 inches! ) The fun possibilities are endless!
* 119.95 each
09090886 144 MAGIC METAL PUZZLE GAMES Party Favors
Metal wire novelty magic puzzle games. Makes a great promo gift. Great for kids to adults~!
* 9.99 per gross
p726 24 Patriotic Double USA Flag clutch pins
Show your patriotism and support your country in style with this pins. Great pins for handing out as gifts, support our troops, 4th of July, Labor day, etc. All sold at wholesale
* 4.95 each set of 24
503 250 Ace Cigarette Standard Lighter - wholesale bulk lighters
Ace large disposable cigarette lighters. 50 lighters per case....EASY AND SAFE OPERATION.....ADJUSTABLE FLAME......COMES IN ASSORTED COLORS.... Great for any vendor, novelty , collectible store, or anywhere cigarettes are sold. Standard size. Wholesale at it's best.
* 39.95 per 250 lighters ( 5 cases of 50 )
304 36 Glass Vial Stink Bombs Stinky Bomb Joke Prank
Just break them open and watch everybody run. There is 3 stink bomb viles per box. Each case has 12 boxes for a total of 36 fart stink bombs. Great wholesale novelty prank gag item!
* 6.99 per case of 36
fa473 4pk of Fake "peel & win" game soda pieces
Fool your friends, family and co-workers with these realistic fake peel & win game pieces! Simply stick them onto someone?s cup and wait for them to peel and think they've won! This is one hell of a gag prank joke to do on someone.
* 4.95 eack pack of 4
RED22N 4pk Red Solo Cup Shot Glass party set
4 TOTAL Red Cup ceramic shot glasses. Now you can live up those party days at college at home with your own mini red cup ceramic shot glasses. Are these cool or what!!!
* 10.95 each
YY6548 6 foot Gigantic Ice-Cream Sandwich Inflatable Pool Float Raft
If you are like me nothing makes me smile more than a ice cream sandwich on a hot summer day but, now you can keep cool with a smile all summer long with this amazing 6ft long Ice Cream Sandwich Pool Float! Makes a great gift
* 34.95 each
BA123 72 LOUD BOMB BAGS Exploding BOMBS - Bang! Snap! Pop!
Similar to our Fart Bombs, however, these come without the smell. Simply shake the bomb bag, squeeze to "pop" the water pouch inside the bag, toss aside, then ..."KABOOM"! After a few seconds the bomb bag explodes with a loud bang.
* 9.75 per case of 72
700 Awesome Bright Flashlight Keychains -- by the dozen
These plastic flashlight keychains will come factory sealed. Assorted colors ( green, yellow, purple, pink, and blue ) Perfect for getting in your home or car door at night. Big profits can be made here! Great novelty gift item. These are sold by the dozen. Great gadget.
* 4.75 per dozen
PAC34343 Baby Pacifier - MUTE BUTTON - Funny! - Silicone Binky
This hysterical "Mute Button" pacifier will get your baby to shut up fast! Now you can quiet your baby down with the Mute Pacifier! You've probably secretly always want to do this and now you can! Friends and family will get a good laugh from this and hopefully your baby too.
* 9.95 each
102377 BAD KARMA stink bottle " from makers of LIQUID ASS "
This is one hell of a nasy stinky prank gag item! Smell is worse than crap, worse than piss, and worse than puke!
* 6.99 each
1603 Bang Snap Pop Snappers -- Sold by Master Case Only
Trick Noise Maker - Bang Bang Bang - Wholesale Master case has 6 master boxes. Each master box has 50 inner boxes. 50 bang snaps per box. Total of 2,500 bang snaps per master box. 15,000 bang snaps per master case.These are great for kids! They sell EVERYWHERE! Great Novelty
* 63.95 per master case -6 display boxes - 50 inner boxes
KEG421 Beer Keg Cooler Bottle Can Cup Holder - Koosie Koozie
If you want attention then this is it! When a man uses on of these he is manly, when a woman uses this it's cute...either way this is plain out cool!
* 8.88 each
TY682 BOOBIE Grandma Knitted Boob Can Cooler Beer Holder Koozie
Nana's knitted boobies" Beer Cooler Koozie. If you want attention then this is it! This is just perfect for you on a hot summer day with your beer! Helps keep your cold can or bottle beverage super cold while keeping your hands warm and dry! This is a MUST for any of you beer drinking dudes
* 8.95 each
BOO6547 Boobies N Beer Glass Hand Crafted Stein - Large 27 oz
The NEW Boobie Beer Glass made by Big Mouth Toys. Boobs & beer now hand in hand! HIGH QUALITY beer glass and holds 27 ounces of beer! It has some nice weight to it so it is not one of those lame thin glasses. It is hard to see from picture but ours even has detailed nipples on them as well!
* 24.95 each
B9856C Boston Sucks Toilet Paper Roll - Yankees Red Sox Fans Gag
Having guests over? Why not show them all just how much you hate those Boston Red Sox! THIS IS PERFECT for you hardcore Yankee fans! Depending on the baseball fan in your house they will either "love" or "hate" using your bathroom! Show them all just how much you love your New York Yankees!
* 6.95 each
CA341C Camera Digital Lens - Beer Can Cooler Foam Koozie
For all you camera picture taking fans, this is just perfect for you on a hot summer day with your beer! This high quality insulated foam sleeve helps keep your cold can or bottle beverage super cold while keeping your hands warm and dry!
* 8.88 each
CR672 Cell Phone Phoney - 6 Common Ringtones! - KeyChain
The next time you're in an elevator, at a crowded restaurant, in a business meeting, at the bus stop, or just anywhere there's a group of people, play one of the six sounds on Cell Phoney and watch everyone reach for their phone. It will drive them bonkers. Great novelty gag
1.95 each ( clearance )
10003 Cell phone/ Cordless phone /Pager Antenna Booster - Generation X
Generation X Attenna cell phone atenna boosters at wholesale. These are the NEW & IMPROVED ones! Each retail for $19.99. Each factory sealed! These are being cleared out at a fraction of our cost. Our loss is your gain. These are great for gifts or promos for your business.
* 0.19 each ( clearance )
5000 CLASSIC - Million Dollar Novelty Collectible Money Bill
FAKE PRANK GAG MILLION DOLLAR BILLS. These novelty bills are: Made from heavy duty paper that feels like real money! The bills even smell like real money! They're the same size as real money! Same color as real money! Great for giving as favors! Great prank!
* 0.49 each
UMB56T4 Cocktail Umbrella Coaster (Set of 2) Beer Wine Bar Kitchen BBQ
It gives you that "relaxation away vibe" ....aka those Corona beer commercials we always Not only do these look amazing but they actually can keep your beverage cooler! Plenty of room for a can beer, bottle of beer, wine glass, and even a pint glass.
* 7.95 each ( clearanace )
45AA34 Comic Looney Soup stick on labels ( 8pk ) FUNNY!
Hysterical labels fit all standard size 15 oz cans. You get 8 different labels come with each package. Simply wrap the Looney Label around any can, remove the "peel and seal" glue strip, and press the label until its secure. Great kitchen prank gag novelty
* 5.95 each 8pk
cr908 CRIME SCENE - DO NOT CROSS - barricade tape practical joke prop
Looks just like what the police and movie studios use. Great prank to pull on someone. Use this at the office, home, dorm room, car, etc...
* 6.95 each
Z8787 Crime Scene Tape "Caution Zombies Ahead"
The perfect gag for messy bedrooms, the boss's "reserved parking spot, the boss's office, your neighbor's boat, cluttered workrooms, and more! It looks just like the real stuff the police use. Great novelty zombie gag prank joke gift item
* 6.95 each
303 Display case of 72 fart bomb bags -- These stink!
Fart bombs comes 72 per wholesale display case. Take a fart bag shake it, squeeze it and it will start to inflate, throw it and in 5 to 7 seconds later, POP, PHEW! STINKS! WHO WAS THAT! PHEW! THEY REALLY STINK! A great novelty prank item.
* 10.75 PER CASE OF 72
900 DON'T Quit Smoking!! - Use Nic-Out Instead filters instead
The alternative to quit smoking. Brand new to the market! The new Nic-Out filters.Each NicOut filter is good for 5 to 10 cigarettes. Help reduce nicotine, tar and thus the health risks associated with smoking. Amazing HOT selling item. 30 filters per pack.
* 3.50 per pack (30 filters per pack)
ex989 Exploding Smoke golf ball - funny prank joke fun
It blows up in a tremendous cloud of billowing smoke like powder on impact. A great novelty toy gag prank gift magic trick sold at wholesale for golfers.
* 3.95 each
2345a Fake $0.00 dollar novelty money bills - Nada! Nothing! ZERO!
FAKE PRANK 0 DOLLAR BILLS. These novelty bills are made from heavy duty paper that feels like real money! They're the same size as real money! Same color as real money! Great for giving as favors! Great prank all at wholesale
* 0.49 each
1003 Fake Police Parking Tickets -- A great Gag Prank!
Each fake parking ticket appears to give a parking violation in the sum of $100.00. It is blaze red in color and is noticeable from 100'S of feet away. Imagine finding a $100.00 fine on your car windshield. A great novelty collectibe item for retailers!
* 1.00 each
fa10097 Fanny Bank Funny Farting Coin Drop Bank Great Gift/Gag
Stop leaving those coins on the dresser, in some old water jug tucked away in a closet, or in your car's ashtray. With our hilarious fart Fanny Bank, saving your pennies will be a real gas! It's so loud and so disgusting, you won't want to stop dropping coins in the crack!
* 12.95 each
300 Fart Machine - The New and Improved # 2 - wireless remote
Fart Fart Fart! The Remote Controlled Electronic New Fart Machine 2 . The ultimate practical novelty joke tool. Works from up to 100 feet away and through walls! New & Improved 15 Realistic Sounds so real!!! Fart Machines sell amazing everywhere! Great gag novelty toy gift wholesale
* 10.95 each
fa565 Fart Powder - Give them Gas
What a awesome nasty gag prank trick joke to do on someone. Yes, this works GREAT! Your victim will fart and stink up the room in no time.
* 0.99 each
709 Flashing Pacifier Necklace -- Top Novelty Seller!
Each pacifier is individually packaged case carded for easy resale. 3 LED's per pacifier, multiple colors for a really bright flashing strobe effect (red, green and blue) Great for clubs,block parties,etc. A truly great novelty.
* 1.99 each
120FA FORTUNE TELLING FISH Teller Palm Reading Magic Trick
"Fortune teller fish" in the palm of your hand and the fish will tell your mood. Each fish is individually wrapped with its own instructions. Great novelty item wholesale
* 0.10 each
7061 Fully working -- High Grade-- Assorted Tool Keychains
* 3.95 per dozen
GT526 FUNNY GAG GENERIC GIFT Wrapping Paper - All Occasions
Add some laughs to the outside of the box with our hilarious joke gift wrap. Funny novelty prank gag at wholesale cost.
* 4.50 each
mo13043 Gag Funny Novelty Toilet Paper: $100 Money Toilet Paper
When you know your ass is worth more than just any old toilet paper. This toilet paper has giant $100 Bills printed across two squares of toilet paper. And you know you can afford to use two squares of toilet paper when you wipe, because you're worth it.
* 5.95 each
J787 GELLING JOKE Prank Gag ~ Turns a drink into Jelly
Now this is great prank to pull on someone. Makes a nasty sludge jelly into any drink. A classic joke and works extremely well. Best wholesale price online
* 1.75 each
7012 German Itching Powder - A Nasty Prank Gag Item!
Just a small sprinkle down someone's back or other body part and watch them itch away! ewwww is this stuff nasty! This is a great prank to do on that jerk you all hate at work. A great novelty item to retail. Please see our other gag fart items as well!
* 0.75 each package
GETB99 Get Bombed Shot Glass Set - 3 pk
Get Bombed shot ceramic shot glasses. Each one as shown is picture is unique and different. Getting trashed is really what you will be doing!
* 9.95 each
NF6262 GROSS BODY PARTS Wrapping Paper - Nasty!
Add some laughs to the outside of the box with our hilarious joke gift wrap. Funny novelty prank gag at wholesale cost.
* 4.50 each
Hap654 Happy Birthday Toilet Paper Roll
A great way to show that someone special how much ya care, even if it means the party is in the bathroom! Great party decoration. A fun way to get the "WoW" factor. A great novelty gag prank joke funny item.
* 5.95 each
781G1 Happy F%#KING Birthday Wrapping Paper
Add some laughs to the outside of the box with our hilarious joke gift wrap. Funny novelty prank gag at wholesale cost.
* 4.50 each
Great novelty smiley face magnets! Great for cars, fridge, etc.
* 1.99 each
S3411 Huge Gigantic 6 Ft Tall - Inflatable Soccer Beach Ball
Huge 6 Foot tall Soccer sports ball when fully inflated, made from extra durable 30mm vinyl, our gigantic soccer ball will provide hours of fun. This is a great fun beach pool party novelty float.
* 79.95 each
a123 I SUFFER FROM ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION - prank car bumper magnet
Slap one of our hilarious novelty prank bumper magnetic signs on someone's car or truck and laugh your butt off as they drive down the road. This is one of the best prank funny gag novelties on earth! High quality magnet
5.95 each
k6543 Inflatable Buffet & Salad Bar Ice Party Food Cooler
Inflatable salad bar - fill with ice, keep food chilled for hours and serve large crowds indoors or out! The size, light weight and portability make this a no-brainer for parties, tailgating, picnics, camping, and more.
* 16.95 each
IRE1212 IRELAND Irish 3 x 5 foot - Banner Pennant Flag
Improve the looks of your home or room. Show your IRELAND IRISH pride with this new flag banner. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Lucky shamrock leprechaun fans this one is for you!
* 4.95 each
MO8282 Jumbo Inflatable $100 Money Cash Bill
Short on your rent money again? Well, you can TRY to stick one of these giant inflatable $100 bills into the mix, but we are sure your landlord won't be fooled. Hang it in your office, your bedroom, or give it as a gift to your needy family members. These are really GREAT for company promos!
* 1.95 each ( clearance )
Le9101 Le Queefer - Fart Pooter (female fart maker) Gag Prank Poop Joke
You can now FART whenever you'd like. The Le Queefer is a soft noisemaker that fits in the palm of your hand. Just squeeze it, and the air inside rushes out to create the most realistic fart sounds known to woman! Made by Big Mouth Inc.
* 5.95 each
le3827 Le Tooter Fart Pooter Gag Joke Poop Noise Maker Prank
You can now FART whenever you'd like. The Le Tooter is a soft noisemaker that fits in the palm of your hand. Just squeeze it, and the air inside rushes out to create realistic original fart sounds known to man! Made by Big Mouth Inc. Gag prank joke gift
* 5.77 each
600 LED Mouth lights - Great for kids to adults, rave part lights
Just put one of these in your mouth and watch them all stair! Super bright led lights. Many colors will shoot out of your mouth. Great for parties,clubs,etc.
* 1.95 each
W264S Magnet Corkscrew Push Pin - Wine Bottle opener AMAZING!
This hilarious corkscrew bottle opener will have anyone jealous when they see you use this! This Push Pin Corkscrew is a unique way of opening a bottle of wine. Oh and did I mention it turns into a fridge magnet?
* 7.77 each ( clearanace )
6327372 Mini Pocket Disgusting Sound Key Chain Machine - 6 Gross Sounds
Pocket-Disgusting Sounds Machine" Key Chain in your pocket and gross out friends and strangers - with the simple touch of a button. Great for those awkwardly quiet elevators rides, or while sitting in a rest room stall. The possibilities are limited only to your imagination with this keychain.
* 6.95 each
6565 Novelty Combo Bracelet Pens
What a great idea - It's a pen and a bracelet in one! You will never need to look around for a pen if you wear this! Kids love them! Sold by the dozen, comes brand new/factory sealed with assorted colors.
* 3.75 per dozen
213 Novelty Shock Lighter -- Great Gadget item!
These shocking lighters are not really lighters, but you friends will think they are. This is one of the greatest gags of all time! These things give an big shock to any unsuspecting user. These shock lighters look so real!
* 2.95 each
BM1444 PAPARAZZI SHADES - Hide yourself from FACEBOOK pictures
It's a FACEBOOK world, and these sunglasses is exactly what you need for those embarrassing photos of you! These are the PERFECT gag gift for a face book lover, as it shields the identity of the person in the photo. These sunglass shades are a HOT ITEM! Be like Lady GaGa
* 9.95 each
PER4343 Perverted Garden Gnome Flasher -Say Hello to My Little Friend
The Perverted Garden Gnome represents that sketchy man in every neighborhood! He takes one too many walks around the block and wears trench coats during the summer. Great for the outdoors!
* 19.95 each
The BEST gag item we carry by far! These lotto tickets are the best gag prank novelty on the planet called Earth! Every ticket is a winner! You will get assorted styles! Great for retailers!
* 1.00 each
PO7272 Pool Pong Raft - Beer Pingpong on Water 5'x3' - AWESOME!
Planning a pool party and want to include a game of beer pong as well? This great inflatable beer pong table will be the perfect thing! Pool Party Pong is set up to hold all of your beer cups.
* 30.95 each
FA5272 Prank Fake Pregnancy Test + Tests POSITIVE! + Joke
It's the home pregnancy test that is always positive! Ladies, now you can find out if you've found Mr. Right with this hilarious prank! HOT NOVELTY GAG TOY JOKE~!
* 7.95 each
Hang this sign (discreetly so you don't get caught!) on the door to a local business store, office, bathroom, restaurants, street sign, back of car, in the home, or anywhere you can think of and listen for the laughs! Novelty gag prank joke sign that makes a great gift!
1.99 each ( clearance )
a11129b Prank Restaurant Bar Bathroom Sign: HERMAPHRODITES
Hang this sign (discreetly so you don't get caught!) on the door to a local business store, office, bathroom, restaurants, street sign, back of car, in the home, or anywhere you can think of and listen for the laughs! Novelty gag prank joke sign that makes a great gift!
2.99 each ( clearance )
Shock laser pointers. Works a also as a REAL WORKING laser pointer to! What a great novelty toy keychain at wholesale.
* 1.50 each
PRE3999 Prescription Mug Pill Bottle Coffee Cup Pharmacy 12 oz. Rx
Daily grind gotcha down? Call on Dr. Harold Feelgood... A great gift for coffee lovers, and coffee addicts. This hilarious ceramic coffee mug looks like a prescription medicine bottle, and the label is filled with hilarious puns about coffee.
* 10.95 each
pres123 Prescription Rx Pill Medicine Bottle - beer foam kooler cooler
Now you can look cool and keep your drink Ice cold at the same time! Talk about a drug problem, this prescription is labeled for beer! AKA: Cool Kool Cup Koozie Coosie Coozie Cooler Beer can bottle holder fun!
* 8.88 each
ba343 President Barack Obama - bathroom toilet paper roll
He wiped up the Presidential election and now you can use him to wipe up your historical messes! Love him? Hate him? Either way... you'll love this Barack Obama Funny Toilet Paper Bathroom Roll. Funny novelty gag prank political gift joke sold at wholesale
* 5.95 each
SWC516 Push Button Pocket Comb Fake Switch Blade Folding Knife Knives
Made of stainless steel and plastic. The combs where made famous by "the greasers" of the 1950's and 60's. Measures 9" inches when opened, when closed measures 5" inches. The "comb blade" stays concealed in the handle of this intimidating switchblade. Great gag prank joke gift
* 0.99 each
00909009 rattlesnake eggs - prank envelopes - SURPRISE SHOCKER!
rattlesnake eggs prank envelopes. Makes a GREAT prank gag gift
* 0.78 each
PAR4VE Red Cup Solo Party String of Lights - Battery Operated
Box set of 12 mini red cup plastic party lights. 12 foot string of lights~! No electricity required as these take AAA batteries, so now you can bring the party where ever you go!
* 12.95 each
RE7236 Redneck 6 Pack Beer & Soda Can Holster Belt - Camo
Ok rednecks! Here you go! Want to drink and never hold your beer? Then this wearable bar is just for you!
* 8.95 each
1002 Rude Fake Lotto Tickets That CURSE! -- Nasty Prank!
The BEST gag item we carry by far! These lotto tickets are the best gag prank novelty on the planet called Earth! Every ticket is Curses you out!! Great adult novelty item. You will get assorted styles! Great for retailers!
* 1.00 each
PREC7G RX Prescription Ceramic Shot Glass 3 pk - bar set
Taking a shot has a whole new meaning with the Prescription Shot Glasses. Just what the doctor ordered, now you take your medicine in style!
* 9.95 each
SA57u2 Sand Art Bracelets - Kids Craft Kit with funnel
These children bracelets are designed to be filled with sand art projects. Each set consists of 12 bracelets, one funnel, and 18 bags of sand. All the stuff you need to make some really cool art bracelets. Great for school fundraisers.
* 4.99 per dozen
GNO4431 Scarface Garden Gnome - Say Hello to My Little Friend!
The Scarface Garden Gnome takes no prisoners! Trespassers will think twice about stepping foot in your garden. Made out of quality resin mold. Great for outdoors!
* 19.95 each
6664 set lot of -- 144 total 2" U.S. Patriotic Flag KeyChains- NEW!
U.S. flag novelty key chains. Sold by the case set of 144 only. A great item for a great price~!
* 7.95 per set of 144 keychains
sho51267 Shocking Shock Gun Pistol w/ flashlight - prank gag joke
It's a real working flashlight and shock gun all in one. This is one hell of a joke to do on someone. You can trick people all day long with this prank gag.
* 3.75 each
APP821 SLIDE TO UNLOCK - iPhone iPod Apple Car Fridge Magnet
A magnetic strip for those who prefer to open things the magical way! Now you can turn your vehicle into a ipad ipohone or ipod. This is a high quality magnet and won't damage your paint. These look AMAZING on cars, trucks, fridges, or anywhere you cant stick a magnet on.
* 5.95 each
* 1.99 each
2011 Spooky Glow in the Dark Sticky Eyes! Halloween & Gothic looking!
That's right they glow in the dark!!! These eyes measure 1 INCH in size each!! I would say that they are same size as your own eyeball! When you hold the sticky eyes in your hand, they feel like what you would think a real eyeball would feel like!!! A great Novelty prank gag gift item.
* 2.75 per dozen
770090 Stink Perfume bottle
stinky bottle of fancy looking perfume. Open the cap & terrible odor spreads throughout the room. This stuff is NASTY !! It has the same smell as the Stink Bombs which is Rotten Eggs and some other nasty odors to go with it. Great prank gag novelty gift.
* 2.95 each
SW6767 Sweaty Hairy Trashy Redneck - Beer Bottle Holder- Nascar Fans
Add some funny humor the next time you drink with your buddies. We all like to get trashed in life so why not show it off with your very own redneck beer cooler!
* 7.95 each
77YT43A Sweet Cheeks - Bleacher Tooshie Cushy Seat Cushion
Sweet Cheeks Tooshie Cushy Stadium/Bleacher Seat. Made of foam and is made to look like a butt that is wearing a red G-String/Thong with a tramp stamp tattoo of tribal art. This is a perfect gift to give someone who loves to watch outdoor sporting events in comfort with a awesome sense of humor.
* 19.95 each
901 Syringe Pen / Great for Nurse, Doctor, Hospital, Dental, etc
These are the hottest selling pens around and we have them! Calling all medical departments doctor nurse dentist dental doctors nurses vets emt's hospital oral surgeon health home care office workers and more. These hypodermic needle are real working pens. Novelty collectible gift item at wholesale.
* 0.85 each
456654 TATTOO T Shirt Sleeve Temporary Tattoo Nylon Sleeves
Invisible mesh printed nylon sleeves that cover your whole entire arm of body to give the illusion of a full arm sleeve tattoo! Great HOT new novelty item!
* 1.75 each
212 The Amazing Shock Pen ! Great Prank --- Top seller!
These pens " so the person thinks it is " will shock the hell out of them when used. Just leave it on a table and when someone uses it WAAAAAAMMMMMMM!!! Shock pens are great novelty gift items. BEST wholesale priced!
* 3.50 each
77F453A The Beer Mitt Glove - Cooler Bottle Cup Can Holder - BBQ Koozie
This is just perfect for you on a cold winter day outside with your beer! Helps keep your cold can or bottle beverage super cold while keeping your hands toasty warm and dry! Perfect for the next time you throw your barbeque and show off your new BEER MITT.
* 15.95 each
DON56 The Gigantic Donut Pool Float Raft
It looks good enough to eat, and in fact, someone did take a bite out of this hilarious Donut shaped pool float. The Gigantic Donut Pool Float features a strawberry donut that's generously topped with colorful sprinkles. Funnprank gag joke novelty summer beach gift.
* 18.95 each
FL67H4 The Gigantic Pool Floater - Poop Turd Crap w/ corn - GROSS!
NOW THIS IS A TURD! It even has some nice detail of some corn on the outside of the turd as well! So YES, this baby looks real and it's HUGE size will be sure to grabs someone's attention. Great to use in Pools, Hot Tubs, Shower floors, Bath Tubs, on any floor, or in the yard!
* 8.99 each
APR565 THE GRILL SERGEANT BBQ APRON Barbeque Party Beer Holder Holster
Get your grill on! Our unique camouflage grilling apron holds everything a real man could want or need for an afternoon of fun. Holds 6 beverage cans or bottles, comes with a built in can opener, and more pockets then he could ever need.
* 19.95 each
TK531 The Man Hole Toilet Bowl Cover - Bathroom Sewer - man cave prank
The Manhole Toilet Cover sits on the top of the toilet seat cover and makes it look like the manhole cover you would see on the street. Made of a quality rubber and has suction cups on the bottom to stay secure. Easy to take on and off when needed.
* 12.95 each
TRA12 The Mini Curbside Trash & Recycle Can Set
Trash & Recycling mini storage bins. Complete with closeable tops, and real moving wheels! Great to hold all your office supplies. This is that perfect item to put on your office desk to add some fun back into your work space. Great novelty prank gag joke
* 9.95 each
RedC12 the RED CUP Kooler - College Keg Party Beer Foam Cup
Now you can look cool and keep your drink Ice cold at the same time! You can relive your college keg party drinking days with the Red Cup Kool Koozie! AKA: Cool Kool Cup Koozie Coosie Coozie Cooler Beer can bottle holder fun!
* 8.88 each
Tye67 Tie-Dye Fashion - 6pk Beer & Soda Can Holster Belt
Ok rednecks! Here you go! Want to drink and never hold your beer? Then this wearable bar is just for you! Great novelty gag prank joke item
* 8.95 each
sc464 Toilet Screamer - Bathroom Gag Gift Scare Joke Potty Fun
Surprise your family, friends, and coworkers with the Toilet Screamer! This little device turns an ordinary trip to the bathroom into one they'll never forget. When they lift up the lid to the toilet, it lets out a frightening scream!
* 8.95 each
T021 TOXIC WASTE BIOHAZARD Toilet paper roll - funny joke gag prank
Having guests over?Why not warn them about your toxic bathroom habits with this caution toxic biohazard warning toilet paper.That way, you can still have your guests over, but don't have to clean your bathroom before your guests arrive.Funny when someone comes over to use your bathroom!
* 4.95 each
TRACC1 Trashed Shot Glass bar set - 3 different ones!
Assorted Trashed shot glasses. Each one as shown is picture is unique and different. Getting trashed is really what you will be doing! Awesome drinking fun!
* 9.95 each
unp878 Unputtaball golf ball - will move like crazy! Funny prank
This will wobble back and forth as it is unputtable. It's wont go straight. Even Tiger Woods would have trouble. A great novelty toy gag prank gift magic trick sold at wholesale for golfers.
* 3.95 each
USA1212 USA American Patriotic 3 x 5 foot - Banner Pennant Flag
Improve the looks of your home or room. Show your American patriotic US pride with this new flag! Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
* 4.95 each
These nylon sleeves have a invisible mesh that covers your arm to give the illusion of real looking tattoos. Mesh is fairly see through so these will work well with most skin tones Why get a real tattoo when you can just slip one of these on~! These can be worn on arms OR legs!
* 11.95 per dozen ( 12 )
wea123 Weazel Ball Motorized Appears Alive Cat Dog Toy Weasel
This fun weasel and ball partnership will bring hours of furry fun for any age. The crazy, mad weasel jumps, rolls, scoots and darts from one side of the room to the other, and won't leave the ball alone. A GREAT dog or cat novelty toy at wholesale price
* 6.95 each
WSOAP23 Weener Kleener Soap Weiner Cleaner - Joke Gag Gift
Large or Small or in between, nothing beats a Cleaner Weiner!! One Size fits most men! How funny is this people! Personal hygiene has never been so stimulating!
* 7.95 each
WIN2128 Wine Bottle Glass " Finally a wine glass that fits my needs! "
You want attention, then this is it! Half Bottle, Half Glass, All Good Drunken Fun! Now you can drink straight from the bottle like you have aways wanted To, without all the judgmental looks from onlookers.. Not enough wine in that tiny glass? Never Fear! Drink Straight From the Bottle! Finally!
* 16.95 each
WTF1527 WTF What the Fu%k Red Slam Button
Battery operated "WTF Red Slammer Button. Nothing in life is EASY, so your customers will love our new WTF Button. Smack the button, and 1 of 10 hilarious zingers are played loud and clear. Great novelty prank gag gift
* 9.95 each

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