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Item # Description

BA536. BARFUME - Barf Puke Vomit "Streamer Top" - Liquid Ass makers!


BARFume provides a powerful puke throw-up vomit smell that can last hours.

The BARFume streaming tip bottle dispenses silently in a nearly clear liquid stream resulting in a powerful puke smell that is simply horrible to your nose. Apply BARFume to any surface. Simple application instructions are printed on the bottle. A little goes a long way!

The BARFume mister bottle provides a punch of instant PUKE smell. We recommend the mister bottle if you are not concerned about being discreet or if you are at a friend's house. This can literally clear out a class room! Made by the makers of "Liquid Ass" so YOU KNOW IT's GREAT STUFF!

We are silly low with our prices & we make sure of it!

1 to 4   $ 6.99 each
5 to 9   $ 6.75 each
10 to 24   $ 6.50 each
25 to 49   $ 6.25 each
50 to 143   $ 6.00 each
144 or more   $ 5.75 each

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